Kna’an Star of David – Wealth and financial prosperity


14K Gold & silver 925 with 3 mm Chrysoberyl /roby stone
Star of David –
An ancient symbol comprised of two equilateral triangles opposite to one another, creating 6 smaller triangles. It provides physical and spiritual protection to all who wear it, as has been used for thousands of years by Kabbalists, Rabbis, warriors and even King David himself.

Chrysoberyl –
The Chrysoberyl stone gives protection, improves the financial situation and prevents poverty.
Brings luck, happiness and success. Is also known for its unique quality of keeping away the evil eye. The stone is also known as “the cat’s eye”. The stone enhances its wearer’s personality, strengthen his confidence and encourages success and prosperity on different levels.
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Star of David (Shield of David)
The Star of David is an ancient symbol. Although it is well recognized for being a popular Jewish symbol, it is also known in other cultures for providing powerful protection to those who wear it or stand in its center. The star is comprised of two opposite equilateral triangle, thus creating 6 triangles. Archeological digs in the area uncovered evidence that the Star of David was used to decorate ancient synagogues thousands of years ago. The Star of David is associated with the era of the Kingdom of Israel, and known to be related to King David. It appears in the Talmud verse, “Blessed are You God, Shield of David (Magen David),” clearly signifying that it was a sign intended to protect King David. According to Kabbalah, every time King David recited a particular psalm upon his shield he was protected and victorious. The Star of David symbolizes salvation, both spiritually as well as materialistically speaking. The number 6 symbolizes all the directions of control by God, and has been considered a spiritual symbol engraved on amulets for maximum protection since ancient times.
Your personal bodyguard in the Star of David
The Star of David provides material and spiritual protection for all who carry it. When it is set with pure metals and precious gems or added to certain verses, it will serve as your personal body guard created especially for you and your needs. Order the most ancient protection that is known to the Jewish people in order to protect you in the most perfect manner as was customary by Kabbalists, rabbis and warriors. Kabbalists believe that the Hebrew word “magen” (Shield) is an acronym for the names of the angels and therefore offers full spiritual protection. An amulet with the Star of David will accompany you all throughout your life, so it’s no coincidence that many organizations and people use it as their symbol. This amulet has been proven to work for thousands of years, and must be kept by anyone who wants protect himself and his loved ones anytime and anywhere.

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