The pendant will bless you and protect you


Silver Pendant with Gold 14k

The Priestly Blessing
The Priestly Blessing, also known as “priestly benediction” is the most ancient biblical texts we know of in existence, and contains a wonderful blessing for the safeguarding of the Israelites. The blessing was said by the priests, the special class given the Godly commandment to bless the Israelites and serve in holiness. The manner in which the blessing was given by God to the Israelites through Moses, distinguishes it as one of particularly strong and unique qualities for safeguarding and protection. The manner in which the priests bless by raising their hands towards the Israelites and holding their fingers in a special shape is part of the Jewish tradition we all recognize from mass ceremonies conducted in the Western Wall and in synagogues. The beauty of the blessing is that it’s intended for everyone and it brings about abundance and success to this world through the raised hands held out forward in such a beautiful and touching motion. The blessing is also traditionally said in “Pidyon Haben” (redemption of the firstborn son) ceremonies and on special occasions.
May the LORD bless you and guard you
The Priestly Blessing, and the particular verses that it contains, speak of divine providence, and so many carry it with them as a talisman for all Jewish ethnicities. Those who carry the blessing with them are protected not only physically speaking (as guaranteed in the verse) but also in material possessions and property, as related to its powers. The blessing which was given to Moses on the day the Tabernacle was constructed, is the ultimate protection from any calamity, using the letters of the name of God that are written in it. Understand that you are ordering more than just any amulet, but also your only connection to divine providence.
Present your children, yourselves, and anyone you wish to protect with a divine guarantee. These items of jewelry are designed as a talisman that anyone can wear or carry along with them in any way they see fit. Don’t forgo the protective shield provided by the amulet in all hours of the day,

Dimensions 25 x 20 in


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