Key of Eve – For accepting change into your life


14K Gold & silver 925

Eve’s Tikkun –

Eve, the mother of all things, committed the first sin, and is therefore responsible for any repair that must be made. Eve’s name is comprised of three letters in a certain order which give her the power to repair any element of sin in human soul. The unique amulet for rectification is made of precious metals, passing on to you their protection and good energy for a positive change in your life.

The Hebrew Letters “Aleph” “Lamed” Daled” –

One of the 72 names of God. When these letters are spoken they provide protection against the evil eye. Even one who merely wears the letters receives this protection.
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Eve’s Tikkun (Repair)

Eve, in Hebrew – Ḥawwāh, meaning “living one” or “source of life”, was named as such for being the mother of all living things. She was also the one who committed original sin, and was therefore responsible for any repair that had to be made. The sages of the Mishna and Talmud said that a person’s name is his destiny. And so, it is in Eve’s (and in every woman who followed her) power to repair the consequences of that original sin and become the eternal source of life in spite of it. The secret to that repair lies in her name. It is composed of three letters in a particular order, and it is this order which determines Eve’s strength in repairing every origin of sin in the human soul:

Het – the 8th letter of the Semitic alphabet and is therefore equal to the number 8. It relates to the symbol of the shield of Abraham, which is a star comprised of 2 intertwined squares with 8 points or corners.

Vav – the 6th letter of the Semitic alphabet and is therefore equal to the number 6. It relates to the Star of David (or Shield of David) which is a 6 point star.

Heh – the 5th letter of the Semitic alphabet and is therefore equal to the number 5. It relates to the Shield of Solomon which is a 5 point star.

The three shields together comprise Eve’s Tikun or repair in one powerful amulet – Abraham, David and Solomon. Abraham and Sara begin the “tikun”, followed by David and Solomon. Those names are also connected to the lunar cycle which is associated with Eve. Each shield indicates a thought, particular to the internal effort a man puts forth inside, and each point in the shield is calculated with precision according to the Hasidic philosophy. This philosophy claims that a diagonal observation symbolizes the ability to always look at the Godly Nothingness and the existing creation. The repair here is eternal and endlessly renewed.

Eve’s Repair

This amulet connects the triangular points of the three shields. This connection leads to one wholesome repair which flows energetically through the triangles downwards. The connections of time and space dimensions are produced by this breathtaking amulet, created in different shapes. Those different shapes all point at the ability to connect the dimensions as they parallel the three fundamental repairs of the human souls: mental repair (tikun ha’moach), repairing acts (tikun ha’maase) and repairing attributes and values (tikun ha’midot). This amulet is made of precious metals intertwined in their qualities, intended to pass on to you their protection and spiritual energies. On the shield you can also find a letter combination representing one of the biblical names of God, as well as powerful and precise Gematria values to provide you with spiritual strength. This strength will help you with your “tikun” and balance your soul more than any other amulet will in repairing your values and improving your life.

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