Goshen Ring – five Metals – Uncompromising love


14K Gold & silver 925 with Onyx stone  10 mm

Five Metals

Gold, silver, copper, tin and lead are 5 metals from which the famous Kabbalist jewelry, as well as the effective amulets, are made, working on powerful spiritual frequencies. We will design the amulet you need in a jewelry piece especially for you, combing those five metals and their unique supernatural qualities, to invite the flow of wealth into your lives.

I Am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine-

In the writing “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”, this sentence speaks of the creator’s love and the relationship between man and God, and of God’s love for his people.


This stone connects us to our origins, to once again remember who we are and what our true dreams and desires are. It reminds us of our strength and uniqueness. This stone helps us to lovingly accept the decisions and choice we have made in life and cope with them. This stone also strengthens the kidneys, hearing, hair and nails and of course always maintains our positive energies.

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The five metals

In Kabbalist literature you can find instructions for preparing amulets and verses suitable for man’s varied needs. However, the secret of the five metals is one more greatly kept. These metals are used to create the famous efficient Kabbalist jewelry and amulets which operate on powerful spiritual frequency to perform their intended task. “Take these five types of metal, which are: Gold and silver, copper, tin and lead, and make one ring of them on the evening of the conclusion of the Sabbath, with the addition of the moon, and finish the work before the rooster crows, and carry it on you, and you shall see wonders at the time of the reign of Jupiter,” as is written in the holy books on how to create specially powerful Kabbalist jewelry. This combination of metals is responsible for supernatural qualities which affect health, income, relationships, fertility and success in every aspect of life, as well as protection against the evil eye. The jewelry brings about the longed energy of change through the combination of the metals and what they represent, often with an engraving of the biblical names of God. Amulets created at a sacred time The amulet created for you using the five metals will be produced only during unique, sacred times such as the first Saturday (Sabbath) night after Rosh Chodesh (first day of the month). This is a time where the moon is full and the amulet draws from it the most efficient energy for performing its intended task. Every metal in the amulet represents a different element and Kabbalist quality. Gold represents the sun which awakens vitality and great strength of masculinity. Silver brings upon your amulet the moon and the soul and gentility of a mother. Copper represents the ability to express emotions, tin represents mental capacity, courage and communication, and lead provides the ability for self-fulfillment, while connecting you to your consciousness and spirituality. These integrated five metals in Kabbalist jewelry is the ideal combination of the good in every world, guaranteeing satisfaction in performing its intended task.

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