Eyshet Ḥayil pendant


Silver Pendant with Gold 14k

A woman of valor who can find; And he walked away from the corners of her consciousness.
The heart of her heart is safe; And it will not be lost.
She was good and not bad, all the days of her life.
A man of straw and straw; And he did according to his own accord.
There was a merchant ship; From the distance you will come to the fire.
She got up at night, and gave her house to her daughter and her daughters.
He took a time and took him; From the mouth of her mouth she planted herself as a vine.
She is strong in her goats; And strained her arms.
Taste, that is good trade; Do not stop on the night (night) Nera.
She has a mess in her hair; And your mouth will fall.
My face is soft; And her hands are sent to Avion.
She shall not fear the house of the snow: for every daughter shall be ashamed for two years.
It was made for you; Six and a table cloth.
Known in the hair of her husband; When he slept with the old people.
Sadeen did and sold; And a belt was given to me.
A goat and a dress for a bush; And played for another day.
Her mouth opened wisely; And a sign of mercy on the tongue.
The beauty of the walk (her house); And the bread of laziness shall not be eaten.
Her sons rose up and were crowned; She is pregnant, and she prays.
A multitude of sons who did nothing; And you are superior to all.
The breastplate and the beautiful thread: A woman is afraid of the Lord, she will be praised.
Give it to her hands; And they shall praise her in the works of her.

The Book of Proverbs, chapter 31, verses 10-31

Dimensions 25 x 20 in


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