What a Kabbalah Ring Represents – Going Beyond the Jewelry

Attaining the esoteric knowledge that Kabbalah offers is something that many seekers of the truth aspire to. As Kabbalah followers discover spiritual realizations one day at a time, their knowledge gets deeper.

Kabbalah followers usually want to wear their beliefs, and one of the most popular jewelry items are rings. Wearing a Kabbalah ring symbolizes many things. A Kabbalah ring represents more than the jewelry itself. If you go beyond the physical representation of the ring, it could symbolize love, health, positive thoughts, and protection. These things mean a lot to people, so wearing a Kabbalah ring is actually very meaningful.

Tel Aviv-based jewelry designer Raphael has created jewelry that reflects the beliefs, principles and guidelines of Kabbalah. Raphael has been designing and creating rings that express the owner’s story.

Raphael creates exquisite rings that could serve as personal talismans and amulets, designed with deep regard to the principles of Kabbalah and Jewish spiritual concepts.