Expressing your Beliefs with Kabbalah Pendants

Still a significant part of the Jewish tradition, the ancient wisdom behind Kabbalah is only completely understood by a few people. Many seekers of this ancient set of beliefs continue to gain wisdom and understanding day by day. After all, learning how the universe and life works is a lifelong process of discovery.
People who abide by the ancient principles and secrets of Kabbalah are always on the lookout for symbols that would express what they have discovered about life and their beliefs. Raphael is a jewelry maker based in Tel Aviv-Yafo whose vision is to reflect the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah into beautiful works of art that people can wear.
Many Kabbalah followers express their beliefs by wearing Kabbalah pendants. Kabbalah pendants are especially crafted with knowledge of ancient spiritual Jewish history. The specially-crafted pieces are done based on the principles of Kabbalah.