Wearing a Beautiful Kabbalah Necklace: More than Jewelry

The esoteric knowledge behind Kabbalah is intended to be understood only by a small, select few. However, this specialized knowledge is much sought-after by many seekers of truth. The ancient concepts behind Kabbalah have been discovered and applied to current spiritual practices. Kabbalah practitioners have learned to “receive” more of life. In fact, the word Kabbalah literally means “to receive.” This is the reason why it is a deeply spiritual experience, and people are drawn to its teachings and principles.

Raphael’s vision is to express the Kabbalah beliefs and principles through jewelry design and to consider the client’s own personal story. The goal is to represent the jewelry owner through the design. Many Kabbalah followers choose to express their personal spiritual journey by wearing a Kabbalah necklace.
The representation of a Kabbalah necklace goes beyond mere ornamentation or decoration. Wearing a Kabbalah necklace symbolizes oneness with the fullness of reality. Practitioners receive the fullness of life by attuning themselves to both the structures and the symbols of a particular reality. As the practice deepens, they begin to discover the chains of associations that go with certain symbols, and it flows easily.

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