About Us

Raphael is a jewelry maker and designer, creating personal talisman and amulets according to the principles and secrets of Kabbalah and spiritual Jewish history.

Raphael’s vision is for each jewelry item to have its own story, which is the personal story of its owner.
This ensures that every item is designed according to the needs of the client, thus providing him or her with a precisely suitable solution.
Each jewelry item serves as your own personal amulet, and requires accurate compatibility and extensive thought and effort.
Raphael’s creative process takes its deep spiritual significance from the history and tradition, ethnic customs of various Jewish communities around the world, the Jewish bookshelves,
and the ancient Judaica art which has accompanied the people of Israel for many generations.

We create the jewelry as a creative and original answer to your needs, designed in good taste and with true forethought.
We have been making these hand-made pieces for many years, from the purest materials of energetic qualities, and by original design.
All jewelry items are approved and blessed by rabbis, giving them amulet-like qualities that go beyond their unique esthetics.
We guarantee quality production, and every item receives a seal of originality and a certificate of guarantee for all the materials used.

Every piece of jewelry created in our workshop and sold in our stores in Israel and the US,
is an expression of the knowledge that we have acquired through years of research on Kabbalah texts and ancient traditions,
and is charged with its own unique spiritual quality. The items are meticulously created with love and care,
approved as Kosher after thorough examination and confirmation, and blessed by rabbis if containing the five metals.
All the materials used are pure, and of uncompromising finishing.