Hoshen Gilgal – Attracting abundance and forming a direct connection with the Creator


14K Gold & silver 925 with 12 Hoshen’s stone 1.5 mm

The Hebrew Letters “Mem” “Hei” “Shin”-
One of the 72 names of God. These letters strengthen the health and the spirit.

Hoshen jewels

The Priestly Blessing, also known as “priestly benediction” is the most ancient biblical texts we know of in existence, and contains a wonderful blessing for the safeguarding of the Israelites. The blessing was said by the priests, the special class given the Godly commandment to bless the Israelites and serve in holiness. The manner in which the blessing was given by God to the Israelites through Moses, distinguishes it as one of particularly strong and unique qualities for safeguarding and protection. The manner in which the priests bless by raising their hands towards the Israelites and holding their fingers in a special shape is part of the Jewish tradition we all recognize from mass ceremonies conducted in the Western Wall and in synagogues.

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Hoshen jewels

At the time of the Holy Temple, the High Priest of Israel would wear special, breathtaking ceremonial attire. The most unique of his garments was the priestly breastplate or “hoshen” ,which was placed upon his chest. This magnificent breastplate was constructed from expensive fabrics and golden threads, interwoven with blue, purple, and scarlet, and with fine linen and goats’ hair. The breastplate was square shaped, its length one “span”, and it was set with 12 precious gems, each of which symbolizing one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Apart from the names of the 12 tribes, the breastplate was also engraved with the words “Abraham, Issac, Jacon, the tribes of Jeshurun”. Within the breastplate, the mysterious “Urim and Thummim” were placed, and were said to make the letters engraved on the jewels sparkle. The breastplate was used not only to commemorate all 12 tribes, but also to consult and determine how to fight enemies in a time of need. This was the only manner of receiving concealed information that was approved by God, as opposed to consulting with necromancers, a popular custom amongst other local nations at the time.

The Blessing of Abundance on your personal Hoshen
The “Urim and Thummim” were said to interpret questions and answer them using the jewels on the breastplate. The breastplate in itself, including the gems and parchments set inside it, was the apparatus connecting them to the spiritual level required to do so. Each gem had its own quality and purpose for being placed in the breastplate, and each one will open its own frequency to pour the flow of abundance onto you. Each and every gem is filled with what is known and what is concealed, and all the gems together combine in your own personal Hoshen jewelry item for protection. The jewelry offers a divine spiritual connection to provide you with a personal sanctity, encompassing you with frequencies that have remained powerful from the ancient days. If you wish for Divine Providence on you at all times in a magnificent piece of jewelry where each and every gem has its own purpose and significance, the Hoshen jewels will provide just that.

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