Seven Blessings – Attracting an abundance of blessings and safeguarding the partnership


14K Gold & silver 925 with 5 Ruby / Diamonds stones 1.5 mm

Seven Blessings

The seven blessings said under the Chuppa and on the week long festivities that follow, summarize all the good and joy in marriage and in the new sacred matrimony. Carry these blessings with you in a special ring made from pure metals, providing supernatural qualities for the protection of your marriage and home

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Seven Blessings

The custom originated in the Babylonian Talmud. The seven blessings said under the Chuppah and in the week-long festivities that follow, are blessings that summarize all that’s good and joyful in marriage and in the new and holy matrimony. The blessing relates all the greatness and wealth in creation, the blessing towards starting a family, on this sacred pairing, the creation itself, Jerusalem the holy city, friendship, love, bride and groom, those happy in their celebrations, peace and companionship and the man created in God’s image. These blessings are all inclusive when a bride and groom are building their home, and therefore it is clear why such an ancient blessing dedicates a thought to every aspect in the young couple’s life. On every single day of the week of blessings, a new guest is welcomed under “new faces,” coming to celebrate with the family that’s building a home in Israel. The blessings note the gratitude and joy on the Chuppah and the excellent pairing.
Love and harmony, peace and companionship.
On this joyous occasion when you are blessed with all the wealth and goodness in the world, and God affects you in his goodness, you will want to carry all the blessings with you in the Seven Blessings ring. The ring is made of the purest metals to create a talisman for maintaining your relationship and harmonious matrimony. All of the seven blessings from the Chuppah are engraved onto the ring, so that you may keep them with you for the rest of your lives and even beyond if you choose to use this ring for your Kiddushin ceremony. The excellent energy of creation, of the holy companionship, will safeguard you onwards and guarantee fulfillment in your lives together as a couple. Make yourselves a guarantee that the good blessed energy that surrounds you in the Chuppah and in the seven blessings that follow, will carry on with you forward through these exceptional Seven Blessings rings.

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