The Tree of Life – For good health and longevity


14K Gold & silver 925 with diamond
The Hebrew Letters “Shin” “Aleph” “Hei”-
One of the 72 names of God. These letters provide protection and defence, and bear special qualities for marriage.

The Tree of Life –
The tree of life from the book of Genesis is one of the most well know Jewish symbols, symbolizing healing diseases and long living. In Kabbalah, the tree carried additional significance which varies between the Kabbalists and their methods, but they all agree on the importance between the tree and the Torah, as stated in the passage; “it is a tree if life for those who cling to it, and its supporters know happiness”

Five Metals –

Gold, silver, copper, tin and lead are 5 metals from which the famous Kabbalist jewelry, as well as the effective amulets, are made, working on powerful spiritual frequencies. We will design the amulet you need in a jewelry piece especially for you, combing those five metals and their unique supernatural qualities, to invite the flow of wealth into your lives.

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