Sarah’s Hand Hamsa – For protection against the evil eye


14K Gold & silver 925 with 3 black diamonds 1.3 mm

Hamsa –

The palm we all recognize from Eastern culture as a protector against the evil eye. According to Jewish tradition it symbolizes the hand of Miryam, sister of Moses, protecting him from harm. A beautiful personal hamsa is more than just an item of jewelry, but the ultimate symbol of protection which always delivers and never disappoints

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We all recognize the palm shaped hamsa from Middle-Eastern culture as a shape that provides protection against the evil eye. However, few realize that in Jewish tradition the hamsa palm is actually the hand of Miriam, Moses’ sister watching over him. Miriam protected baby Moses floating down the river in his ark until she was sure he was safe, and since then her hand has been the symbol of protection for all. The hand offers protection from any evil: the evil eye, calamities and bad luck. The five fingers symbolize the five books of the Torah, and it’s been said that even the Jewish Temple contained a Jewish hamsa as an ornament. The hamsa is intended for keeping away evil eye spirits when it is inscribed with the letters Aleph Lamed Daled, one of the biblical names of God according to Kabbalah. When reciting “Shema” prayer, or any other prayer, the hamsa carries in it powerful positive energies. Some hamsas are decorated with a blue stone, which is said to have supernatural qualities against the evil eye.
Hamsa for personal protection
A beautiful personalized hamsa is more than just an item of jewelry. It is the eternal symbol for protection and it never disappoints those who wear it or hang it in a significant location within their home. The hamsa amulet is made especially for you and according to your needs, and can be produced as a pendant from pure metals with a set stone or a verse for unique powers. It is one of the most popular amulets in the world because it always delivers said protection. The hamsa protects all you hold dear at any given time. If you wish to protect yourself from the evil eye and the negative impact of envy and jealousy, you cannot afford to forgo getting one. Personalize your hamsa, and it will cover you with protection all through the day and night, leaving you to calmly live your life with positive energies.

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