Gold Marceva – For prosperity, health and fulfilment, protection against negative energy and attracting the good eye


14K Gold
Merkabah –
A kabbalist term which explains the method of transition between the four wordly dimensions, intedend to bring the righteous closer to divine spirit. This Merkabah jewelry item is comprised of four Stars of David, with a particularly strong energy force, which attract all your heart’s wishes to you using the 72 names of God located at the tips of the four stars.
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Merkabah (Chariot) Mysticism
In the Jewish esoteric, the term “Merkabah” is used to explain the transition between the four worldly dimensions, between those we can sense to those spiritual and otherwise inaccessible. The Merkabah (or chariot) is a means to transition between these dimensions. In the past, the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple on top of it, as well as the prophets and angels, were used for spiritual elevation as a chariot to the divine spirit. Today the Merkabah is recognized as a function available only to high tzadikim (righteous). The divine spirit lingers in areas where such righteous people live, around them and in their homes, and it soaks man and his surrounding in its sanctity and holiness on the world. In doing so it expresses a very strong aspiration in people to get as close as they possibly can to the Merkabah and as such, to the divine spirit.
Merkabah Jewelry
The Merkabah appears to be constructed of four Stars of David and its six sides, referred to as a tetrahedron shape. This structure looks like a three dimensional Star of David, in size and proportions appropriate for the Merkabah relativity. Stars of David have been recognized for thousands of years as having a particularly strong energetic force. The vertex are associated with the 72 names of God, which guarantees the basic specification that attracts to you all your hearts’ desires – livelihood and health, a good relationship and a well-fulfilled life. These names connect you to spiritual and powerful energetic centers, and the Merkabah itself is constructed to carry them inwards and outwards from the four heavenly spirits. The Merkabah wraps around you for protection from negative energies and attracts the good eye to you.

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