Gamla – Economic success


14K Gold & silver 925 with Garnet stone 6 mm

Contains the writing, “May God give you of the dew of heaven and of the fatness of the earthand plenty” This blessing which was used by Issac to bless Jacob with abundance and plenty, and all that comes from God.This ring brings about success and attracts great abundance


The garnet stone symbolises perseverance and strength. It is known as “the stone of commitment”, which strengthens commitment and devotion to a certain goal. The garnet stone is known in Kabbalah as the best stone, even better than gold. This stone is good for worries and anxiety and against the evil eye. The wearer of this stone can overcome his enemies and all of his troubles. King David used to wear this stone when going to war against his enemies. One of its qualities is also to remove bad thoughts from the person wearing it.

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