Ein Yahakov – Attracting good positive thoughts


14K Gold & silver 925 with 8.25 mm Swarovski stones (Black , blue, white,  rose, turquoise)
The Good Eye –
The Good eye is a positive and righteous outlook on life. These magnificent good eye jewelry pieces are set with this blessing, which you will want to carry with you all day long to attract wealth and powerfully good virtues to your life.

Ana Be’Koach –

A special, ancient and beloved hymn. Carry this blessing with you throughout the day in an amulet with special spiritual cleansing and empowering qualities, which will help you feel strengthened at times of great weakness, either physically or spiritually.

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“The Good Eye” 

According to Pirkei Avot (Chapters of the Fathers) in the Mishna, the ‘good eye’ is one of the ethical principles of the followers of Abraham. There is no man living who wouldn’t want the good eye to work in his favor and on his side. The good eye is that same righteous and positive outlook on life, and fair and decent thoughts that harm no one and receive praise from others.

When a man behaves in this manner it is clear to all, for he radiates an energy of good deeds and good words all around him. The difference between ‘good eye’ and ‘evil eye’ is in the positive outlook and joyful approach to life, so that anyone with a good eye will know how to show gratitude for what he has in life and therefore attract more of this wealth to him. On the other hand, those who do not have a good eye and complain about it, attract only negative energies. A good eye manifests in humility and gratitude, qualities which attract more kindness to their owners.

“He with a good eye shall be blessed” Jewelry

If you maintain your good eye and strengthen it, you will immediately witness yourself repaid in more of the same greatness. The good eye blessing is set with breathtaking jewels that you will want to carry with you all day in order to attract more of that blessed wealth. To help you keep the same positive attitude and healthy gratitude, the good eye sees everything you own in a positive light, attracting more and more to you.

Good eye jewelry items are purified to your exact measurements, and strengthen your good measures even more, so that the entire world will repay you in double. Thanks to these unique items of jewelry, you will find yourself being generous with everyone around. This will cause your own personal talisman’s protective shield to bring about wonders all around you. Make sure to heighten your spiritual levels so that your positive attitude will be strengthened, as will the energy field around you, so that your entire life will be affected for the better.

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