Oval Ben Porat – Rids of negative thoughts


14K Gold & silver 925 with 3 ruby stone 1.5 mm
Ben Porat Yosef , Ben Porat Yosef Ben Porat Alei A’in –
Defence against the Evil Eye The expression “Ben Porat Yosef” is used as a defence against the evil eye and is often said in place of the name of the man you wish to praise, in order to defend him from the evil eye. In Jewish tradition, Joseph was considered to be protected from the evil eye (the jealousy) of people thanks to this blessing that he received from his father against the evil eye. This is why it is customary to say the blessing he received from his father as a defence from the evil eye.

Ruby –
Strengthens the life force of the body and soul, is also known to strengthen productivity, fertility and abundance, and gives energy and vitality. It strengthens that personal force and ability to fulfil and execute. Encourages one to expand the limits of life and take responsibility and leadership of others. Helps to maintain financial stability, is good for strengthening the reproduction organs and the hormonal system.

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