Alma – A talisman for fertility, wholeness, and joy in marriage


14K Gold & silver 925 with ruby / onyx / diamods stone 1mm

Alma Ring

The shape of a circle inside a square is a well-known talisman for fertility, longevity of marriage, wholeness and joy in life and in relationships. This ring shape served for years and generations throughout history as a symbol and expression for the transition from single life to married life. A woman married with this ring is promised a long life of fertility and a thriving partnership with her loved one. The combination of the circle and the square are a talisman for a life of harmony and peace between lovers

Woman of Valour-
The writing “a woman of valour, who shall find” – this sentence is taken from a psalm that the man sings to his wife. The psalm speaks of the ideal Hebrew wife, who works and cares for her family. This psalm praises her for being a devoted and loving woman.

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