Kabbalah Gifts

Kabbalah Gifts: A Beautiful Way to Share Your Blessings

The Essence of Gift-Giving
Everyone loves to receive gifts. The thing that we receive makes us feel important to the giver and turns the gift into a blessing. And if the opportunity permits, we also love to give gifts, especially during special occasions and events, and more so, for people who are dear to us.
Gift giving and receiving are both important principles and teachings of Kabbalah. These are acts that would help raise our spiritual consciousness and bring us closer to God. So it is very important that we cultivate and develop these traits, particularly the habit of giving and sharing. They are part of the very core of traditional Jewish wisdom and belief of not just following the light but also making it shine brighter for others. In the process, what we give, we receive back, in many different and unexpected ways.

Gift-Giving the Kabbalah Way
When we give, it is important that we forget about it afterwards. We should learn not to maintain an account of the blessings that we have given to others. This is the Kabbalah way of gift-giving. We give because it should be our nature and not because we are expecting that we will receive something in return. This means that we should also give even to those whom we feel are not worthy of receiving blessings.
If we can push ourselves to giving without thinking or without prejudice, then we are doing it the right way. If we don’t hold back in giving, we are able to unlock the secrets of the Kabbalah. We reach a higher level of spirituality and we become witnesses of compassion, generosity, and kindness, which others can emulate.
Kabbalah Gifts
Are you looking for appropriate Kabbalah gifts to give to friends and loved ones? Then we recommend that you visit our site @ http://jewelsbyraphael.com. You will find an array of elegantly designed and crafted jewelry items. We also carry talismans and amulets that are created individually in accordance with the Kabbalistic principles and traditions of ancient Jewish history. Thus, our collections are not just ordinary accessories that can be bought elsewhere. Each item has or is a story in itself that should be appropriate and significant to the one who would receive it as a gift.
You can choose from an assortment of rings, bracelets, pendants, priestly breastplates, and earrings. It is not only creativity and uniqueness that makes our Kabbalah gifts different from others. As we only use pure material, we can guarantee that these are of excellent quality. Ancient mysticism and magical incantations and texts based on the Kabbalah are carefully used and integrated into each product. If an item is made of five metals, this is properly blessed by rabbis. These meticulous processes ensure that all our gift items are approved as Kosher and whoever receives them will be truly blessed appropriately.
Abundance and economic prosperity, peace of mind, harmonious relationship, physical and spiritual protection – all these are part of God’s promises and are reflected in our products. Make them a part of you and your loved ones’ personal journey to holiness in accordance with Kabbalah teachings and principles.

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